A List of the Top Ten Best Cooks on Real Housewives! Plus Open Post!

Hi, Blurbers! It’s time to hop on the party bus and whoop it up, Open Post-style! For those unacquainted with Open Post, every Sunday, Reality Blurb posts some light fluff for our readers’ enjoyment while giving you a place to talk about whatever you want! This includes shows we don’t normally cover on here, current-day pop-cultural events, or, well, like I said: whatever you want. It’s also a place to have fun and socialize, so please keep it nice in the comments section, ya dig?

If you have suggestions for Open Post topics, please send them to [email protected], but in the meantime, let’s jump right into today’s topic: The Top Ten Best Cooks on Housewives! Yes! Yes! Yes! We get to talk about food today, how…

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