A ‘Pink’ Supermoon Will Be Visible in Australia Tonight – Concrete Playground

Been spending the first few months of 2021 pondering the future? Given how the past year has panned out, that’s only natural. But tonight, on Tuesday, April 27, you might want to look to the skies as well — and feast your eyes on a luminous lunar sight.

For folks located Down Under, this is when you’ll see this year’s ‘pink supermoon’. While super full moons aren’t particularly rare — two usually happen each year — there are plenty of reasons to peer upwards this time around. If you’re wondering why, we’ve run through the details below.



If you’re more familiar with The Mighty Boosh‘s take on the moon than actual lunar terms, here’s what you need to know. As we all learned back in November 2016, a supermoon is a new…

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