Britney Spears latest – Star ‘will finally reveal extent of anger at dad Jamie Spears who controlled her life for years’

BRITNEY Spears is set to break her silence on her conservatorship and speak in court about it for the first time.

The superstar singer’s dad currently controls huge amounts of his daughter’s life and Britney isn’t even allowed to manage her own finances.

The conservatorship was introduced more than a decade ago during Britney’s well-publicised mental health battles – but she is long considered to be functioning at a level that allows her to retake control of her life.

But as the recent Framing Britney documentary explained, a person living under a conservatorship cannot declare themselves fit – it is down to those placed in charge of their life to relinquish the control.

In Britney’s case, fans have accused her dad Jamie Spears of…

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