Barrios Unidos president Lupe Salazar pushes a dolly filled with canned food ahead of a food drive on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021, in Chimayó, New Mexico. Credit: AP Photo/Cedar Attanasio Many Americans struggling to feed their families over the past pandemic year say they have had… Click here to view the original article.
The coronavirus pandemic continued to slow down for a fourth week in a row around the world. Here is the global state of play based on an AFP database. Slowing down The number of new daily cases dropped globally by eight percent last week to 510,000, according to an AFP tally to… Click here to […]
Credit: CC0 Public Domain Older Californians who live in communities with poor air quality, even those who engage—as recommended—in physical activities but do so outdoors, have a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes, a complex and chronic metabolic disorder caused by insulin resistance and… Click here to view the original article.
What is a V/Q scan? A V/Q scan consists of two imaging tests that look for certain lung problems. The tests are: A ventilation scan, which measures how air moves in and out of your lungs A perfusion scan, which measures circulation (how blood flows in the lungs) The two scans may be… Click here […]
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