Christchurch Cityscope Newsletter September 2020

The latest research from Christchurch Cityscope shows that commercial property sales’ value in Christchurch’s CBD has increased significantly in the past three months. 

For the three months to September 2020 there were 16 sales at a total value of $156.7 million, compared to the 7 sales at a total value of $10.9 million recorded in the three months to June 2020, and the 11 sales at a total value of $35.6 million for the previous quarter. The latest data brings the twelve-month sale total to $216 million, an increase from the previous 12 months when sales totalled $180.4 million.

The table below shows sales recorded for the past eight updates of Christchurch Cityscope:

Notable sales in the September 2020 update of…

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