Final hearing day as inquiry continues into dead Queensland police officer and Ricky Maddison

Detective Senior Sergeant Anthony Buxton, part of the police service’s Ethical Standards Command inquiry, recounts to the inquest Ricky Maddison’s rollercoaster of emotions during negotiations.

At one point, he told police negotiators: “You’ll run out of ammunition before I do.”

Rick Maddison was shot dead by police after a 20-hour siege. Credit:Facebook

When heavily-armed police officers and negotiators approached Maddison’s stronghold in an armoured vehicle, called the Bombcat, the gunman fired two bursts and yelled: “F— off.”

Later that evening, a few hours after Senior Constable Forte had died, police got a mobile phone to Maddison and started negotiations.

“He said he had two submachine guns and one fully-automatic…

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