Food dehydrators are the new must-have appliance of 2020 – News + Articles

Drying food is the new way to keep your snack game strong. Words by Renata Gortan.

We’ve spiralised and pickled, fermented and air-fried but now we’re going a step further and dehydrating our food. Crunchy banana chips, chewy mango strips and umami-rich beef jerky are no longer just the preserve of backpackers and doomsday preppers as home cooks explore a new way to stock their pantry. 

Food dehydrators, which extract the water from fruits, vegetables and even meat, are the new must-have kitchen gadget of 2020. Search #dehydratedfood on Instagram and you’ll see over 27,000 photos of everything from fruit-peel powders to vegetable chips to…

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