IKEA Wants You to Turn Its Iconic Blue Shopping Bags Into Outfits for Your Dog – Concrete Playground

It’s a lifesaver when it comes to transporting oversized items, it comes in especially handy when moving house and it even makes a pretty mean bucket hat. Now, there’s another nifty new use for the ubiquitous blue IKEA Frakta bag — edgy doggy fashion for the oh-so-stylish canine.

Yes folks, the Swedish furniture giant is taking a dip into the world of haute couture for dogs. The chain isn’t selling the extremely blue outfits, though. Instead, it has released a series of instructional patterns to help you upcycle those signature bags into some very dapper looks for your pooch.

In the spirit of its renewed focus on sustainability for 2021, IKEA has dropped DIY guides for three Hund Couture dog outfits, complete with the same sort of…

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