Jury deciding fate of Olympian Nathan Baggaley and brother Dru in drug trial

“He explained to me that Anthony [Draper], who had loaned him the money, had sold a boat and he didn’t want to declare it as tax, so he wanted to reinvest it in another boat,” Nathan Baggaley said.


The testimony of Draper was in question on Tuesday when letters Draper wrote to Dru Baggaley while in prison were read by Dru’s barrister, Mark McCarthy.

“I know you were tricked and you didn’t know it was coke we were picking up … I want to fix this up and tell the cops the truth, you thought it was tobacco,” Mr McCarthy read out from the letters.

However, Crown prosecutor Ben Power said the letters were written by Draper while he was “being stood over by other inmates” in prison.

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