KFC SuperCoach: Win a 24K gold-plated drummy in the Colonel’s Comp

The KFC Colonel’s Comp is back to reward footy banter and there are outrageous prizes on offer. ENTER HERE

Fancy yourself as a Shakespeare of sledging?

Anyone can geek out, researching and crunching the numbers to build the ultimate team, but it takes a special sort of character to gee up the group chat with some cheeky chinwagging.


* The winner takes home a 24K GOLD-PLATED DRUMMY!

* There are also 60x chicken onesies (with accompanying KFC vouchers) to give away for the best chat.


All you need to do is sharpen your virtual pencil and head on over to the Colonel’s Comp website to answer the Colonel’s question — what’s the best zinger to shout from the sidelines?

Tell us in 11 words or less…

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