Khloe Kardashian photo update – Unedited bikini picture is Kardashian property and must not be shared online, family say



Despite the Kardashian clan working hard to get the photo taken down from the internet, fans have been praising Khloe.

“Dear Khloe, YOUR BODY ROCKS! The Original BODY! WITHOUT RETOUCH,” praised one.

Another told her on Twitter: “Just wanted to say, that unedited picture of you that y’all tried so hard to take down and hide, it was fire. That was real and unedited fire. Your body looked great, your suit was cute, and your face was beautiful. This is a great pic, but the unedited one was phenomenal.”

A third added: “Why are you so scared of people seeing a natural, unfiltered, not photoshopped photo of you @khloekardashian It’s only natural that we all have lumps & bumps..filtering photos is…

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