Lifeline after lockdown: Want YOUR small business to be on the country’s biggest website? Here’s how

The past year has been tough for small businesses, many of which went bust or suffered crippling losses as lockdown hit their trade.

But there is finally a little light at the end of the tunnel as restrictions start to ease.

And to help the small businesses coming out of lockdown, the UK’s biggest, most engaged newsbrand, MailOnline, is offering the chance to advertise to their huge audiences – without a huge price tag.

Suffolk deli owner Andy Storer and his business partners  Michael Anfilogoff and Damien Riseley were among the first to try the new MailOnline Ad Manager to help boost their fortunes after a difficult year.

Andy Storer, left, and Michael Anfilogoff, right, used the Ad Manager to advertise their…

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