Line of Duty’s six prime suspects for ‘H’ or ‘Fourth Man’ ahead of tonight’s finale

It’s the question on everybody’s lips ahead of Line of Duty’s big finale tonight – who is ‘H’?

Millions will be tuning in at 9pm on Sunday to find out exactly which copper is ‘bent’, with the final episode promising to end with a bang.

The mystery of “H”, also known as the “Fourth Man”, has been the best-kept secret on the show, with fans coming up with wild theories on the shadowy leader of the OCG (Organised Crime Group).

The latest dramatic trailer vowed: “Every investigation has led to this.”

Martin Compston, who plays DI Steve Arnott, has promised the show will deliver “a lot of big answers” in the last episode of series six.

The actor praised the “great script” on his Twitter and teased the finale in a podcast: “If it goes…

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