Man Mailed Himself Home in a Box From Australia—Now He’s Looking for the Pals Who Helped Him

Brian Robson

Homesickness is a malady with only one known cure. Going home. But sometimes the circumstances are against you. When that happens, people can resort to some pretty bizarre schemes to get themselves back where they long to be.

At age 19, an unhappy Brian Robson was working in Melbourne, Australia but sorely pining for his native Wales. He was so eager to get home, in fact, he had himself loaded into a crate with the goal of being shipped home to Cardiff.

Back in 1964, Robson had signed on for an assisted immigration program. His way was paid by the Australian government and in return, he was committed to a two-year gig with Victorian Railways.

Robson regretted the deal almost immediately, but if he didn’t live up…

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