Meteor Shower From Halley’s Comet Set to Peak in Night Sky This Week

This week, we’ll be treated to one of spring’s best stargazing events as the Eta Aquarid meteor shower lights up the skies.

You’ll want to set your alarm for before dawn on Wednesday, May 5, as that’s when the greatest number of meteors—originating in the debris trail of ice and rock particles from Halley’s comet—will alight the night.

The mornings of May 4 and 6 are also set to have a decent number of meteors.

The Aquarids are famously fast—rushing into Earth’s atmosphere of speeds around 148,000 miles per hour (66 kilometers per second), according to NASA. Such meteors can leave glowing trains of light—or incandescent bits of debris—which can be seen for seconds or even minutes.

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