Phenomenal 6-yo Skateboarder Performs in Pink Party Dress and Leopard Print Helmet


What’s 6 years old, zips through the air with gravity-defying ease, and wears a pink princess dress with her crash helmet? Australian skateboarding phenomenon Paige Tobin.

For this mighty girl, dizzying 12-foot drops are a piece of cake. The pint-sized powerhouse recently beat out the competition in the 9-and-under category to win the King of Concrete skateboard contest in Melbourne.

After finding her mom’s old skateboard in the family garage at age 2, Paige was fast on her way to becoming “the wheel deal.”

“Paige is definitely skating exceptionally well, not just for the age but for skateboarding in general,” Neftalie Williams, an adjunct professor of sociology at the University of Southern…

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