Pre-teen graduates from high school and college – in the same week

What was your lockdown hobby?

Learned how to bake sourdough? Planted a veggie garden? Maybe you finally learnt an instrument.

Well, prepare to feel thoroughly outdone.

Twelve-year-old Mike Wimmer, from North Carolina, decided to make the most of his lockdown last year, and picked up a few extra school subjects.

Now, he’s graduating from high school on May 28 (the usual age is 18) – a week after he graduates from college.

Oh, and he’s valedictorian of his graduating high school class.

Mike’s big passion is robotics and, along with that, the big-ticket STEM subjects of maths and science.

“If one door’s locked, he’ll find out another way around to figure out how to accomplish his goals,” his mother Melissa told CNN.

Mike says…

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