Qld man shot bird in chest with arrow to ‘scare it away for daughter’

The arrows were identified to be an identical brand to the arrow that killed the plover, and the shop was revealed to be the only Australian retailer of those arrows.

Mr Neindorf denied shooting the bird, and said he had seen the plover with the arrow through it on August 6, 2020.

He said he had seen neighbours tending to the bird so did not notify anyone.

But Mr Neindorf later told inspectors he was the one who shot the plover with the arrow while he was in the backyard with his daughter, who had asked him to scare the plover away so she could play on the trampoline.

He got the bow and arrow out and was planning to scare it away by shooting near it, but instead shot it.

The arrow stuck in the bird and the bird flew off, with Mr Neindorf…

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