Queensland girl’s lump on elbow leads to diagnosis of rare cancer Ewing’s sarcoma

It was small, relatively pain-free and appeared “innocuous”.

But what started as a lump on her elbow has turned into the fight of Queensland girl Vaitiare Hesse’s short life.

“Initially, this was as innocuous as a mosquito bite, a tiny harmless bump on her arm,” her mum Gladys Hesse told 7NEWS.comau.

“Vaitiare has never been one to overly complain about a bump, however she did mention her arm was sore.”

Hesse, from Logan, took her five-year-old daughter to the doctor despite the pain subsiding after 24 hours.

The GP advised that the lump would settle and for her to take Panadol to deal with the pain.

But over the next fortnight, the lump grew.

“Although Vaitiare didn’t complain of any further pain, I was concerned and made…

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