Queensland locals baffled after ‘spooky’ tree seen ‘clapping’

Sunshine Coast residents have been left baffled after a “creepy” tree was seen “clapping”.

Noosa local Simon Smith posted a video of the mysterious tree near his backyard to a local Facebook group on Wednesday, asking for advice.

As seen in the video above, two large leaves on the tree appear to be moving side to side, in a clapping motion.

Smith said the video was filmed after his wife’s son became disturbed by the family’s dog barking at the trees.

“Here’s a weird one,” he wrote on Facebook.

The tree has left locals baffled. Credit: Simon Smith/Facebook

“Wife’s son disturbed by our Jack Russell barking at trees.

“Was a very still night with no wind.

“Our garden looks out into forest. Any ideas what’s going on…

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