Secret Ted Lasso shortbread recipe deciphered online

Apple recently revealed a little Easter Egg during its April 20 ‘Spring Loaded’ event- the recipe that Ted Lasso made in the Apple TV+ show ‘Ted Lasso’.

In the first season of the series, Ted Lasso was making the shortbread to give to the owner of the football club, Rebecca. However, the actual recipe was not mentioned and kept under wraps.

With the recipe revealed, an eagle eyed observer named David Smith went on to say that the first line is ‘1 1/2 cups or 340 grams cold unsalted butter cut into half inch pieces plus more for greasing pan’.

Smith delved further and found that it was similar to the Bittersweet Brownie Shortbread recipe posted by NY Times’ Melissa Clark. He then tried making the shortbread and posted on the…

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