See Couple Adorably Recreate Their Wedding Album 50 Years Later, at the Same Church in the Same Dress


A couple have recreated their wedding album half a century later—at the same church, and in the very same dress.

Carolyn and Kelly Gay, who are now in their seventies, got married in March 1971 with a white wedding at their local church.

To celebrate their golden anniversary, the couple returned to DSM First Church in Des Moines, Iowa, to recreate their pictures—exactly 50 years later to the day.

The church had the same alter, cross, and candelabras as was present at their first ceremony so many years before, so the photos were a perfect match.


Grandmother-of-four Carolyn spent three years growing out her hair for the shoot and was even able to wear the same dress she wore in her twenties.


The new photos were…

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