Returning with precautions isn’t returning without risk. About 100 children under age 15 died in the US from Covid-19 in 2020. And there are still unknowns, such as the long-term effects of the disease on kids, including the inflammatory illness known as MIS-C, says Ashleigh Tuite, an… Click here to view the original article.
In early medieval Italy (then a troubled peninsula transitioning from the collapse of Roman rule) a group of monks at a mountaintop monastery had a water problem. To fetch their supply, they needed to descend from the monastery’s steep and rocky perch. To their aid came St. Benedict,… Click here to view the […]
In October 2010, severe thunderstorms pummeled the desert city of Phoenix with multiple tornadoes and massive hailstones up to 5 centimeters in diameter. In a few short hours, the storm exacted a heavy toll in the form of $2.7 billion of property damage almost entirely the result of… Click here to view the […]
An earthquake shook the Mediterranean region in AD 365 and launched a tsunami that destroyed the city of Alexandria in Egypt, claiming as many as 50,000 lives. The earthquake originated near Crete and is associated with uplifted shorelines as high as 3… Click here to view the original article.
Sometimes crazy things happen—so crazy they don’t even seem real. Last week, Phillies right fielder Bryce Harper was warming up before a game with some practice bats. He hit a nice line drive, and then it collided with another ball in midair. That gives us some fun physics to unpack. Let’s… Click here to view […]
Predicting the weather can be a frustratingly imprecise science. The weather app on your phone is pretty good at forecasting if it’s likely to rain at some point during a given day, but much less helpful if you want to know if there’s going to be a downpour in central London at 3 pm this… […]
As far as physicists have been able to determine, nature speaks two mutually unintelligible languages: one for gravity and one for everything else. Curves in the fabric of space-time tell planets and people which way to fall, while all the other forces spring from quantum particles. Albert Einstein first spoke of gravity in terms of […]
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