Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta The COVID-19 pandemic has put life as we knew it on hold for more than a year, but as things finally settle back into a new normal, people are returning to the workplace. For two co-workers catching up during a chance encounter, swapping news… Click here to view the original article.
Many of us have some cure for the hiccups, whether that’s drinking water upside-down or holding our breath, but a peculiar type of drinking straw, developed by a peculiar type of scientist, seems to be impressively effective. Stopping 92% of attacks on the spot, the L-shaped drinking… Click here to view the original article.
Rebecca Mix The gods of the Twitterverse are mercurial and unpredictable. All hashtags aside, why some tweets trend and others tank is anyone’s guess. So when a doting daughter’s random tweet recently scored a dream job interview for her dad, it came as a huge cosmic surprise to… Click here to view the original article.
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