The relationship was tense, Mr. Gicinto recalled, and both men seemed uneasy about sharing leadership. Still, their work ramped up quickly. The group, which grew to include dozens of employees, wanted to keep track of Uber’s competitors overseas, whether they were taxi drivers or executives at… Click here to view the original article.
Apple unveiled the latest version of its smartphone operating system in June 2021. At the keynote, the company also detailed an upcoming digital driver’s license feature that was supposed to be released with iOS 15. While iOS 15 already released in September, the feature is yet to make its way… Click here to view the […]
Apple will begin producing its first in-house 5G modem for the iPhone by the year 2023, as per a Nikkei Asia report. TSMC, Apple’s chip partner, will be tasked with production work. The move has been planned for several years now and has been accelerated with the acquisition of most of… Click here to view […]
A website update reveals how a much-anticipated feature in iOS 15 might be delayed until next year. The ability to add a driver’s license in the Apple Watch and iPhone has been delayed until next year after Apple said it would make an appearance in late 2021. The Cupertino-based company… Click here to view the […]
The anti-malware software maker Malwarebytes has criticized Apple for using an “inconsistent” patching process. The security company wrote in a blog post that the iPhone maker’s “behaviour” is leading to bad security consequences.  The blog post written by the director of Mac and… Click here to view the original article.
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