We’re at the stage where another day is almost guaranteed to reveal another disaster for Victoria’s hotel quarantine scheme; another tale of incompetence, mismanagement, arrogance, laziness or confusion. So when is WorkSafe Victoria going to step in and do its job? If you’ve been… Click here to view the original article.
Is all the talk of budget benevolence already boosted Scott Morrison’s standing? Today’s Essential Poll provides some support for the suggestion, with an improvement in his approval ratings of four per cent and a drop in disapproval of five. This, you’ll note, has been driven by a significant… Click here to view the original article.
Over a year ago I wrote that ABC TV current affairs was in trouble and drifting badly. The people, policies and practices causing the decline in standards inside ABC TV — and the absence of proper current affairs journalism — appear to have got worse.  Much worse.  With the… Click here to view the original […]
And to think that we were under the impression that The SMAge’s target demographic was neurotic single women aged 18-45. No, no, no. It’s primary school children. “Like, what’s the point of, like, the budget?” Let’s start… While it’s true most of us have small scale… Click here to view the original article.
“[He has] fallen into the classic trap of the egomaniac…This childish business of putting his leadership on the line every time he doesn’t get his own way is straight out of the Elysee Palace in the days of De Gaulle.” Now, who said that? Well, according to Philip Adams, it… Click here to view the […]
After happily voting for Scott Morrison, I had to do a double-take at his statements over the weekend about keeping Australia closed; not only to visitors who are not rich or famous — hi, Matt Damon — but to citizens that want to travel out of the country. He actually said that he… Click here […]
At the start of the seventies, Kim Beazley Senior told an ALP conference “When I joined the Labor Party, it contained the cream of the working class. But as I look about me now, all I see are the dregs of the middle class.”  Beazley Senior died in 2007, but were he were alive today, […]
Let’s face it. Our federation is a mess. Premiers are running their own shows, all to varied receptions, the Prime Minister talking tough, touting vaccine passports and facing battles within his own party, the media are whipping up fear every chance they get — and the people are sick of it all. COVID-mania has left […]
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