In April of 1975, a communist guerrilla army know as the Khmer Rouge captured the Cambodian capital of Phnom Phen and established one of the most violent dictatorships in modern history. Led by a Marxist revolutionary named Pol Pot, the group immediately set about evacuating the country’s cities, and forcing everyone to work on collective […]
Michael Sunderland has blazed an unconventional path to success. He doesn’t necessarily look like a medical exam aficionado, but at just 28 years of age he’s recently nailed the highest ever score in the written component of Australia’s primary postgraduate medical exam—and one of the highest ever scores overall. For the uninitiated, the GAMSAT, or […]
From Australia’s forgotten towns to Japan’s forsaken love hotels, Shane Thoms is no stranger to abandoned places. The Melbourne-based photographer has been uncovering, visiting and documenting some of the world’s lesser-known ruins since the 90s—exploring the eerily quiet places that humans have left behind, in an attempt to capture the strange beauty of desertion. Over
Mormons have these things called “firesides.” Essentially, it’s a once-a-month spiritually-themed TED Talk given by a local church leader to teenagers in the congregation. When I was about 16, I attended a fireside during which the speaker pulled out a laminated spiral nailed through the centre to a block of wood. He then held it […]
2.09 PM. Tour guide Jake Milbank was watching fellow guide Kelsey Waghorn address a group of almost 20 tourists in the moon-like crater of New Zealand’s White Island. She was up to the bit of the tour about the island’s freshwater streams, and how various minerals give each a different flavour. She pointed to the […]
In the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, outside a town named Armidale, is a secret installation for growing medicinal cannabis. And not just any medicinal cannabis. While the entire Australian industry is centred around tinctures and pills, this is the country’s first marijuana “flower” farm, which is industry speak for bud. Here they grow […]
All images by Shez Tedford Peppered across Australia are hundreds of giant, fiberglass sculptures: “big” versions of random objects, designed to attract tourists to otherwise unattractive towns. The famous ones are The Big Pineapple and The Big Banana, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Some of the more niche entries include The Big Deck […]
All images supplied by Nicolas Pilartz Breatharianism is a movement that claims people are able to live on very little food, and that a diet of air and sunlight is enough to sustain the human body. Specially, “breatharians” believe that an energy known in Hinduism as Prana—a kind of nourishing life force—can be absorbed from the […]
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