Teen Refugee Collects Thousands of Coats for Charity—With a Little Help From Mark Cuban

Ashis Dhakal, Facebook/Mark Cuban, Gage Skidmore CC license

Anyone who’s experienced poverty knows firsthand how hard finding a pathway out can be. For some lucky enough to have made the transition, the desire to lift up those who are still struggling can become a huge part of their lives.

When 18-year-old Ashis Dhakal arrived in Utah  from a refugee camp in Nepal, he knew he’d been given a tremendous opportunity. Though he was bullied at his Salt Lake City school, the tenets of service and giving that are integral to his Hindu faith became the cornerstone of a long-term goal to pay his good fortune forward.

A few years ago, while he was bussing tables for his job at KFC, Dhakal met a homeless man for whom he felt a great…

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