Teena McQueen: in the eyes of the left, conservative women are no better than toxic males

First, it was the patriarchy’s fault.

Then, it was the fault of “pale, stale, males”.

Next, unsubstantiated historical allegations were enough to get men fired.

And now, Liberal women are to blame.

For what?

For the left not being in power.

Honestly, is there an individual alive in this country that cannot see what’s going on yet?

This week, Liberal federal vice president Teena Mcqueen has been forced to apologise for something that she didn’t actually say.

She denied saying, “I would kill to be sexually harassed at the moment,” but apologised for making a joke at a party meeting.

She clarified, “What I said was, at my age – and it was a joke – every woman ages and I’m no longer sexually harassed –…

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