The £1 million pixel that is the future of art (or not)

Josie Ford

But is it art?

In a former life, Feedback’s daily doings regularly took us across a windswept plaza on a university campus that, through no fault of its own, had been built in the 1960s. Adding to a general air of faded cold war chic was a huge, rusting iron sculpture on a concrete plinth, on which the words “Vorsicht! Kunst” had been graffitied in yellow paint.

This was in Germany, we perhaps should have said, but the warning to beware of art has stayed with us. We are reminded of it when we read that a Sotheby’s auction of non-fungible tokens by the crypto-artist Pak has brought in $16.8 million, including a single grey pixel that went for $1.36 million worth of…

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