Their ABC’s ‘victim’ of Anzac Day

Sunday was Anzac Day and, unsurprisingly, the ABC had a crack at this important commemoration for being *checks notes* not sufficiently inclusive. Sadly, nothing is as near and dear to our national broadcaster as its loathing for all things *checks notes again* Australian. 

On the surface, its report from Siobhan Marin talks about ‘The Remembering and Healing’ event and ‘corresponding interfaith service’ held in Lismore to make non-Anglo Australians feel more included in Anzac Day. In substance, it’s mostly a self-loathing, self-indulgent, establishment-hating dog whistle, perched on the very flimsiest foundations.

My attention was piqued by the opening anecdote from an Australian woman, Edda Lampis, born of…

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