Travel Agent Helps Aging Veteran Pilot Pals Go On Dream Boys’ Trip – Without Costing Them a Dime


A big-hearted woman has helped three nonagenarian veteran pilot chums go on their dream “last hurrah” boys’ trip—without costing them a dime.

Julie Pflaumer got a call from veteran and former pilot Jack Henderson to help him and two friends—also veterans and pilots—go to the Reno Air Races in Nevada.

90-year-old Jack was calling from an Oregon assisted living facility, where he’s become best buddies with David Crawford and Dick Snider.

“They happened to be former pilots too, so we got together rather quickly,” said Jack, who served in the Navy as a Petty officer first class (PO1) and later became a civilian pilot.

93-year-old David—a radio operator in the Navy before becoming a civilian—and…

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