Tribute to missing skateboarder Trent Riley draws hundreds to the Valley

“Who knew one man would have such a ripple effect on this earth?

“We’ll be sad for a while but that’s OK.

Shannon Riley pays tribute to his missing brother.Credit:Jocelyn Garcia

“He just cruised through life exactly how he skated – with flow, consistency and fearlessness.”

Sister Zara Riley, who fought back tears while holding Shannon close, said life came with the good and bad.

“Life gives us the ability to know them on our journey,” she said.

“We meet them, we love them, we care for them, and they cared about us. That’s the purpose of life. Enjoy it while we journey through it.”

The tribute to Mr Riley at The Fortitude Music Hall.

The tribute to Mr Riley at The Fortitude Music Hall.Credit:Jocelyn Garcia

Trent’s father Fred Riley said the Water Police were the definition…

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