World-Renowned Psychiatrist is Writing COVID Prescriptions… For Daily Poetry Reading

Dr. Rosenthal, Poetry Rx

One doesn’t need Good News Network to tell them there are a lot of people whose minds and moods have been darkened by the last 14 months.

The mental health crisis that many immediately saw as a great threat from government-enforced business closures, quarantines, and travel restrictions was a very real thing before COVID-19, and as a report from global medical care knowledge provider BMJ states, 2018 saw over 70 million prescriptions for antidepressants written in the U.S., compared to just 36 million ten years before.

Yet Norman Rosenthal M.D., a renowned figure in the psychiatry field, is tackling both crises with a different kind of prescription: a little bit of “Do not go gentle into that good…

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